To the legitimate owners

To the legitimate owners of Scampixie Pranx, please contact me by a site-mail at Renderosity.
I tell you the way that you get my freebies.

I was disappointed at an illegal trade of a digital content. Pranx freebies on my homepage have been downloaded very much. Most purchasers don’t know about my homepage. And, that number always exceeded the sales of Pranx by far. Of course, I believe all those people may not be illegal transactors. But it is difficult to me to distinguish that. I adopted that step only for a proper purchaser to get my freebie.

I need your order number of Scampixie Pranx, and need your Email address.
There is not a problem in the invalid Email address.
(My management system requires an info of the Email format.)

Let me know those info by Renderosity’s site-mail to elleque.
Don’t contact me by only Email.
(I don’t know why your internet provider reject my reply sometimes.)

Scampixie Pranx

To the people who gave me a kind comment and Email to my freebie, and the people who made a Render image with my freebie, I am sorry. I like a polite person like you. And I enjoyed finding your Image in the various places.
I will upload something boring once in a while. But that frequency will decrease absolutely.
I must do that to keep my mind in the normality.

I ended support of Safari Avenue for V4.2.  (Registered owners still can use the members website as before.)
If you are interested in this product, please try contact to didda at Renderosity.

28 thoughts on “To the legitimate owners”

  1. Hallo!
    I love so much your Liberty and Flora dress for Trixie, but I don’t find the way to buy it. May you help me?
    Many many thanx

    A big fan of Pranxie

  2. Yes, you can get it as a freebie 🙂
    I sent a Renderosity’s site-mail to you now.

  3. Hello: I buy your character Scampixie Pranx in Renderosity and I need some freebies May you help me?Thank´s for the character is beautiful.Regards

  4. I bought Scampixie when it first came out at Rendeosity, I tried to contact you there but couldn’t find out how to contact you, just saw your site here still noway to contact you..

  5. Thank you for contacting me 🙂
    I sent a Renderosity site-mail to you now.

  6. Hi! I just bought Pranxy and I love him 😀 I have sent you my information 😀

  7. Yes, I received the info from you.
    And I sent a reply to you now.

  8. Hi elleque this is lovely 🙂 I’ve sent you a site mail at Renderosity. Thank you 🙂

  9. I know I Downloaded some of Pranx’s freebies as I was going to try crossdresser on them to see how well it worked converting things to Cookie, V4 and M4. I’m unsure if I did anything wrong by this.

  10. Your act doesn’t have any problem if the item was a general freebie when you got it.
    At first (until December, 2010) even a Pranx freebie was a general freebie.
    I don’t feel unpleasant to using my 3d model for an other figure.
    But I hate that a shameless person who got my sale product illegally exploits from me more.

  11. Hello Elleque
    I have purchased your beautiful scampixie, i am totally in love with her and i would love to get your freebees.
    I already send you a renderosity sitemail with my ordernr.
    Thank you very much.


  12. Mazal, Thank you very much 🙂
    I sent a site-mail to you now. Check your mail box at Renderosity.

  13. Hi, at Renderosity I am Raindroptheelf.
    I purchased Pranx 01.23.10 over at Renderosity.
    I send you a Site Mail just now at Renderosity but forgot to add my email address.
    You have my Mail address here now though or do you want me to send you a second Site Mail ?

  14. Tordis, Thank you very much 🙂
    I sent a site-mail of Renderosity to you now.

  15. Hi Elleque,

    Today (march 28 2014) I purchased Scampixie Pranxs. I have sent you a renderosity site-mail with my order number. Thanks for the lovely Scampixie character! 🙂


  16. I purchased Scampixie I already send you a renderosity sitemail with my ordernr 🙂
    Thank you very much!

    Regards Tin

  17. Tin, Thank you very much 🙂 I just have sent a site-mail to you now.

  18. Pranx is as cute as buttons. I’ve never used it in any of my work, but brought it just because how cute it is, and how it feels like something right out of NiGHTS into Dreams…

    Sadly, the frequency of digital piracy has reach epidemic proportions. If I can’t find a clothing item I’m after, like for example, I was after a leather jacket for M4. I 1st searched on DAZ, Renderosity, and Runtime DNA. Not finding a jacket I liked, I then turned to Google… But it looks like Google is no longer an option. All I got was loads of illegal download sites… It’s just really sad.

  19. Hi I justc bought Scampixie pranx.
    Hugs and thnx


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