Summer Set 2021 for Pranx 2

Summer will be over soon. I was going to make more Pranx 2’s summer clothes. But I couldn’t move forward for a boring reason.

The Poser version of this package has only conforming clothes. I was going to include an object for the dynamic cloth but gave up. Because the wide sleeves behaved strangely in Poser’s Cloth Room. Then I used a result of a dynamic simulation by the other program for the T-shirt.

I use Daz Studio a lot lately than Poser. Making dForce clothes is a hassle, but it has also easy points. I don’t have to worry so much about the troublesome armpits of clothes. So I got tired of seeing the armpit behavior of the conforming clothes. I’ve been struggling with that part of this T-shirt for a long time. The addition of JCM made it a little better, but still not quite good.

The Smooth Modifire can get in the way if you use the Daz Studio version of the shirt as a conforming clothing. In that case, please turn off the button of “Enable Smoothing”.

I made pants because I feel only T-shirt isn’t enough.

Oops! Pranx 2 already has a T-shirt and slim pants. They are in Pranx 2 Basics by Trumarcar. Well, these are just a little different, but not novel.

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  1. This looks very cute! We could use some summer over here, it’s been mostly rain this year. So maybe with some summer clothes for Pranx the sun will come out aswell πŸ™‚

    • elleque

      Though I don’t hate rain, but heavy rain is not desired. Thank you for commenting. I hope you will see sunny days soon πŸ™‚

  2. mininessie

    lovely set…thank you so much! ^^
    Pranx looks great !

  3. I love the sleeves, and that cat texture is perfect!

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