This is a hinged door.

I made an orthodox door.

To tell the truth, I have added 5 plane objects to the carpet. They are four walls and the ceiling. It is a closed box-shaped space.

Show the hidden walls, the room becomes a closed space. It’s a dim room.

Though I added a mesh light to the ceiling, but the light is still insufficient.

Too strong!
This is just right.

But this does not brighten the room.

Chuck arrived at his new house but was confused because his luggage hadn’t arrived yet.

It isn’t in the completely dark. Because this scene has some lights that do not cast shadows. And, outdoor lights also enters through the large window to the room. More strong lights will make the room bright. I adjusted the value of a light.

He was relieved lighting fixtures seem to work for the time being.

I came up to make the wall that isn’t in the camera as a mesh light. I prepared this image.

And this is a mask for the light source.

Such a textured wall will be useful to make the reflection on a glossy object realistic.

But using mesh lights seems to has a problem on Poser.

He feels itchy all over his body.

The luster is granular. This would be better by increasing the value of “Filter Glossy”. Or increase the value of pixel samples.

Filter Glossy value 2

Regrettably, both ways will increase render time. I tried hide one wall and add an area light to cover that side.

Default setting render

This doesn’t seem to affect the rendering time very much. But it is not good as a reflection map.

It seems that I have to make trial and error depending on the scene after all.

Now, I’m making this for use with Daz Studio. But, I make this with Poser. It’s easy to make bones. Because I’m used to that work in Poser. And, for figures that do not have weight maps, it is easy to replace objects in Poser case. Daz Studio won’t let me update objects with different numbers of geometry. Poser allows me to replace objects in my geometry folder. Proceeding the work while adjusting with Poser is convenient for me. Actually I replaced objects many times.

I should prepare Daz Studio version soon. And I need texture images. I am thinking that making texture images of large things is the most difficult challenge for me. I made a gym before, and House of May. I didn’t think of zoom up those parts. So those textures are low resolutions. This time I need bigger image maps. But I don’t want to make an item hundreds of megabytes. Next I’m going to consider about making textures.

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  1. mininessie

    i like the way you do things, i am one of try and error creators too, but i am not as skilled…i still have a lot to learn.

    • elleque

      I have a lot of missing skills, too. And, I am looking for more easy way and confusing my work by myself 😀

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