Making additional Doll Furnitures.

I was going to add a side table to my doll furnitures. But, the Cabriole leg table looks unsteady to me. I sought other items.

We have consecutive holidays in May here while the state of emergency has been issued. But my job doesn’t matter on holidays. I have many tasks now. Sometimes I need a diversion. At times like this, it’s best to go to Karaoke with friends. But we can’t do that in the current status. That’s why, I try to make a simple prop. This is a doodling for my relaxation.

Recently I wanted a grid shelves. I got Cute Monster by MysticArtDesign. And I made posable legs for that monster. It may be look lovely to put colorful monsters on the grid shelves. But I don’t have the right props for my wish. Again I had to make props for my trivial idea.

This thin drawers unit has the parts of Base and Box.

Box cannot be moved. I have to grab the small Base at the bottom to move it. This seems troublesome. But, the parts are separated, each parts can be hidden separately.

It is not because I didn’t like these crappy legs. Two or more units can be stacked and placed hiding Base. Well, I don’t know where such a shelf is needed in.

Each drawers can also be hidden by uncheck the visible property.

I tried arranging it by side with my Doll Sofa.

It looks not elegant. mmm…

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  1. mininessie

    oh! love it!
    perhaps if you add a decoration at the top that can be hide just as the legs with a flower style as you did in the sofa? is only an idea ^^ you can hide that decorationto stack them or show it to a single but more decorated furniture.

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