My Product Updata – Boo Morph Only

I made Bugga Boo morphs for my two hairstyles.

I’m busy now. But a certain subject is blocking my thoughts.

Leilana is selling cute costumes for Bugga Boo at Renderosity. A hairstyle, which are my products, are used in those Promo images. I didn’t make a morph for that character. But, Boo has the hairstyle on her head nicely. And, I saw my friend Mininessie also uses my hairstyle on Boo’s head nicely. If it’s the result of Daz Studio’s AutoFollow, it’s an amazing program! I gladly loaded Boo and added my hairstyles.

The forehead became bald.

Not bald. But this is not the style I intended.

I tried again and again, I couldn’t put my hairstyles on Boo’s head as well as they did. This is a waste of time. I made the morphs.

I love watermelons and lemons!
Shirt and Pants: Summer Sweet Boo by Leilana at Renderosity

Requires my products;

Forgive my sloppy work. I haven’t checked them well. Please let me know if you find any bad parts for these morphs. Now I can’t corp with it right away. I will make an effort later.

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  1. mininessie

    awww…thank you so much.
    No autofollow don´t worked…but it can be done another way.
    Thanks for make the morphs…morer easy to use! ^^

    • elleque

      It was easier for me to make morphs than to imitate the way of skillful users 😀

  2. Thank you so much! I’m downloading these since I’m planning on buying Boo to create some free poses for. It’s a nicer figure to learn Daz with then the Plushies 2.0 I think.
    Though the Plushies are supercute aswell.

    • elleque

      It sounds nice! Yes, Plushies are cute! But be careful when shopping. There is always some bargain sales over there.

  3. Jan Freeman

    I love BuggaBoo and I love your baby hair!! Thank you so very much for these morphs!!


    • elleque

      Thanks 🙂 I love her too! Her tiny arms look like babies’.

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