A bad work.

I never share this.

I added a garden parasol and a small wagon to my Pavement Cafe Props. A member commented about a Pavement heater.

Usually I don’t respond to anyone’s request. If the requests increases, it will makes me sick eventually. Because I can’t make everything easily. I have to design even one coffee cup on my own. Or I have to find a commonplace shape that doesn’t infringe on someone’s design. But as for this, I was already trying to make such a heater.

To tell the truth, I didn’t think it was a heater. I thought it was a lamp. A pavement cafe is a dream for me. There is no such a shop in the place where I live. It’s a foreign country’s scene for me. Then there was a lack of information about what it was. In fact I was wrong.

I designed the heater panel a glass made. Because I believed this is a lamp. Well, I tried adjusted the shader to turn the lamp into a heater.

The shader of Poser(Superfly) is an orange lamp rather than a heater. It doesn’t look warm at all. Daz Studio’s emission node has a color temperature. This looks very heat. But, I don’t like this result even if I change the glass panel to steel wire.

This heater is not suitable with these furnitures. This looks messy scene and the heaters look intimidating. I think more delicate design is needed. I never share this even if you like this.

Spring will come soon. The heater will be unnecessary. Sorry, there is no heater.

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  1. mininessie

    i think you did a great work here as all your work is … but i respect your point.
    Anyway i need to say that i understand your feeling about request perfectly and thank you so much for all the beautiful things you share…i will make more
    images with Pavement Cafe lovely items!

    • elleque

      I am very happy that you say so.
      This design lacks elegance. I am dreaming an elegant pavement cafe which is like a scene in old Europian paintings 🙂

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