Petite Style Colorful Tights for Genesis 8 Female(s)

These are tights, not a pantyhose.

I made these for my clothing product, but not included in the package. I thought that there are free items like tights everywhere. I got free leggings at DAZ. These are convenient. But, I made an item which is more convenient for me. Tights! They are not pants.

I uploaded this article by a scheduler of this blog because I can’t be online now. I made these for promotional images of my new product at DAZ shop. But, I don’t know the shop URL of it, yet. If you are interested in it please look for in my category. This will be put on the market on the 26th if it is as planned.

My mother often made me wear white tights. Children, they wear tights, I think. These are cotton fabrics. I set the luster slightly strong, but these are not a pantyhose. Because everyone doesn’t want to dress babies with the chemical fibers. Then, these are very thin fabrics of cotton. If you still care about it, I prepared socks’ materials. I also made materials of denims and panties.

I added dForce Modifier to these for some reasons. But these have no value of Dynamics. These work almost as Conforming clothes. Though I made these in the version 4.14, but these also work in the version 4.9 without dForce. And, I also added Smooth Modifier to these. I have set it as OFF. Turn it ON if you need. The button of ON-OFF is in Colorful Tights > General > Mesh Smoothing > Enable Smoothing.

These have no body morphs. These will fit various characters by “Auto Follow”. But, there is an exception. These tights don’t follow the left toe of Toddler Twins Girl. I don’t know the reason. Then, I made only this character’s morph.

Now she can wear tights too πŸ˜€

I made the color materials as much as I think of. I changed colors of Color Nodes on Surfaces-tab of Daz Studio. You will be able to change the colors on Surfaces-tab by yourself if you wish.

These tights are a little thicker than the figures’ body and will stick out of the tight shoes.

Things like these are useless! – Don’t get angry. I made some adjustment morphs. They are in a place that is a little bit hard to find. Once I used to set clothing morphs outside Actor node, but I got an advice. Morphs must be listed on the Shaping tab. So they must be placed under Actor node hierarchy. This will list them on Shaping tab.

Open Shaping tab!

Try combining “Long Boot In”, “Short Boots In” and “Shoes In” little by little. The tights will fit in the various designed shoes…maybe.

If you use panties and socks at the same time, apply socks material to the tights first, next apply the panties’ material. And, apply “Panties and Socks” of Visiblities to the finish.

NOTE: Socks materials are prepared for Socks but can be used for tights. These materials cover also hips and thighs. Then socks materials will overwrite panties materials if you apply panties first.

Now, let the children wear tights more and more! They in a virtual world don’t reject it πŸ˜€ They never get itch their legs with tights. I in my chilodhood never refused it. Little girls and also boys must have tights πŸ˜€

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  1. mininessie

    my daughter and sons wore them too, tights are great at winter.
    Precious work here !

    • elleque

      Happy new year! Yes, they are essential at winter also for me at winter πŸ˜€

  2. They are adorable, thank you!

    • elleque

      Wonderful!!! Most of my products are there. The little birds are so cute! Thank you very much πŸ˜€

  3. Jan Freeman

    I love these tights!!! These are wonderful!!! Thank you!!!

  4. Lassie

    Oh these are cute ,Thanks very much πŸ™‚

  5. Alisa

    These are wonderful – thanks, my friend!

    • elleque

      I’m happy to hear that. Thank you for commenting πŸ™‚

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