Casually Working – Toe Cap Pumps for Genesis 8 Female(s)

I am busy for my business now. But, today I had a time a little.

I tried to refit of my Pauline’s shoes for Genesis 8 Female. I made a set of Pauline’s office outfit four years ago. But, I found that a similar product was already on sale on a store. That is often the case. But, there are few item for Pauline. I pondered and removed them from here.

Usually I would have refitted Pauline’s items to La Femme. This time, I wanted to try “Bake Joint Rotations…” option. I thought that I can complete the shape I want using that option easily.

Now, I opend the file of the shoes with my 3D program. I like the design of the shoes in the set. It’s an ordinary design. Those shoes were not for working girls but for companion girls at business shows. I think seven centimeters heel is too high as work shoes. But, that may be low for virtual ladies.


The shoes for Pauline

I forgot that Pauline is one of the weight mapped figures. So, I made such a flat shape. I had to remodel the shape after all.

Remodeled Shoes

I set G8F’s morphs of “Right Foot Heeled Shoe” and “Left Foot Heeled Shoe” to 60. And, I commanded “Bake Joint Rotations…” from the Joints Editor tab. Here! I convert the obj to the weight mapped figure using Transfer Utility. It’s easy!

Gap on the back?

What is the gap behind the ankle? Apparently JCM is applied.

Joint Corrective Morphs

The figure’s anckle is already bending on the pose of the normal shaped highheel. These JCMs are needed for more bending of the ankle. Rigging high heeled shoes in Daz Studio wasn’t so easy for me after all. I modified the shape several times.

There is still a narrow gap.

I became neglectful. I added some morphs.

Original Morphs

And, I made the morphs for Noemi and Lara.

Noemi HD & Smile HD Expression for Genesis 8 Female
Lara for Genesis 8 Female

These morphs aren’t perfect, though. Even these shoes will be useful for someone. These are useful at leaset to me. Sometimes I bought characters. But, some characters’ feet shapes are unique. Then, they don’t have the suitable shoes. I use Poser or Daz Studio, because I want to play of dress-up dolls.

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  1. Inés Rodríguez Vega

    wow…they are fantastic…thank you so much dear!

    • elleque

      Thank you for commenting 🙂 I’m happy that you like them.

  2. Wow, amazing, thank you!

  3. Jan Freeman

    Excellent!! Thank you so much!!!

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