Summer Casual Deck Shoes for Genesis 8 Female(s)

It is very hard to make items for DAZ figures which have many morphs.

But, I expected Genesis’s morphs are generated automatically by Auto-Follow of Daz Studio. One shape for the genesis figure is enough? I try it!

I made a refit of my Deck Shoes for Genesis 8 Female.

I made these sI made these shoes for Victoria 4 originally.

I have only one adult character for G8F. Noemi has a beautiful smile.

I made her wear the shoes instantly.

Eek! No one want such shoes!

The character’s morphs are necessary after all. I made two girls’ morphs.

The shoes were shortened very much for Chooli. Chooli has the minus value in “Feet Length”. I thought these shoes don’t fit the younger characters than she. I can’t maintain the design of the shoes for short feet.

And more,

Growing Up for Genesis 8 Female(s)

These shoes can use the same textures of Dawn’s Deck Shoes.

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  1. Inés Rodríguez Vega

    thank you for all your efforts and generosity!

  2. Jan Freeman

    I am so excited to have these shoes!! Thank you so much!! There is no way to make morphs for all G8F characters!! There are too many!!!

    • elleque

      I agree. There are too many beautiful characters. We can use almost clothes for the characters by dForce. But, we can’t use almost shoes as dForce. I hope that creators of characters don’t change the figures’ feet too much.

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