Good Cook Girl Seasonings

I was making these props as a Christmas freebie of this blog.

But, these may be needed at the cooking of a Christmas party. So, I decided to upload these now.

This time, I didn’t make 3Delight materials. I don’t like the glass material under that engine. The materials for Firefly aren’t good either. But, they must be set up on the props. Because I used Cycles material for the glass. The Cycles materials are expressed as white objects on the preview screen. I think that the firefly materials will be helpful to check the color scheme easily. If you have selected Firefly engine on your render setting, you can see the rough colors of the props on the preview screen. Then, I have to prepare the materials even if you don’t use the Firefly engine.

Now, I had no raurel (bay leaf) in my shelf. I went to a supermarket.

Bay leaves. I wrote “Raurel” on its label, though…

Please don’t ask me the paprika and turmeric or more. I didn’t prepare all seasonings.

Poser 11 Firefly and Superfly Render

The lid opens few. I made this a smart prop. I also added a morph which opens more. Please overlook the lid’s wrong shape in the middle of Open2 morph.

Iray Render

I gave it to Pranx’s hand for check its size.

Is it too big? Probably it is an economy-sized bottle 😀

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  1. Inés Rodríguez Vega

    you did it gorgeous…it looks like a photograph…and the size is perfect…thank you so much for this!!

  2. Whoa these look real, I love the smell of bay leaves~!

  3. They look gorgeous! And just in time, Pranx was planning on doing some baking in my runtime and has been running through some bushes for Bay Leaf.
    Thank you so much for these!

  4. Dani

    Thank you so much! {{hugs}}

  5. Sharyn

    These are beautiful! Thank you!

  6. Jan Freeman

    Thank you!!! These are so great!!!

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