Updated my Poser.

My Poser was updated to the version 11.2!

I have deleted carelessly LaFemme’s contents which I made. But, it is no problem because those files remained in my time machine. Though I have just deleted old runtime the other day, my runtime was expanded again with many bonus contents. I don’t know whether I use them. It is useful that Controls and Props are listed separate. And, I feel that the rendering speed became quick a little. Is it my imagination?

Today I noticed that the libraries of Poser 9 and 10 aren’t displayed. I updated Flash Player several days ago. Is it a cause? There is nothing for it any more. I deleted the 9 and 10.

I completed almost modeling and rigging of Pranx2’s school uniforms. But, the texturing is still left. What grade is Pranx in? Japanese school uniform may have a symbol of school grade. Usually a grade badge or the number of lines on the uniforms express it. I think that SPP is an elementary schoolchild. But, I have not seen such a little schoolchild wear the uniform of stand-up collar. So, this is Pranx’s “Cosplay”. So, it is ok whether the uniforms are for junior high school or high school.

Now, I am busy in Autumn. I don’t have enough time to play Poser. I wish I am able to work by double-speed. The reality is that my capacity to working is reducing gradually.

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  1. Inés Rodríguez Vega


  2. I’m so happy that it’s Fall. The uniforms look amazing!

  3. Oh and on the age/grade of the boy uniform. Could you just make a sailor collar top for the boys? Maybe later on you could make a smock for preschool/kindergarten?

    • elleque

      I’m sorry. I have many things which I would like to do.
      And, almost Pranx’s clothings which I made are basically for Pranx, not only for Trixie. Pranx can wear this sailor jacket. His tummy isn’t hidden, though.

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