Liberty and Flora for Pranx 2

I uploaded a new item for Pranx 2 into my membership website. It is a refitted package of my old contents.

The old package hasn’t the shoes. I didn’t make them. Trumarcar made two set of lovely shoes suitable for the dress, Spring Shoes and Pretty Boots. I love those shoes. But, Pranx 2 can’t wear old shoes neatly. Then, I made new shoes. I remember that the late Francemi of KCTC wanted Mary Jane for this dress. I was being devoted to a next new item at that time, and I didn’t make such shoes. So I decided to make a pair of Mary Jane. I can’t know whether the design of these shoes is suitable for her wish any more.

The additional textures by some artists will work for the dress.

Using pose files after loading into Daz Studio as Poser contents. But, the pose for Ribbons will not work. Although the pose file was made for a figure file, I made the Ribbons as ready props this time. But, the uv-map of the ribbons wasn’t changed. You will be able to use the textures manually.

The Poser version the same. The pose for Ribbons will not work. You will be able to use the textures manually.

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  1. Dani

    Yay! So pretty! Thank you!!

  2. Inés Rodríguez Vega

    wow! i´m sure Francemi would have loved the shoes!!
    thank you so much!

  3. It came out beautifully, thank you!

  4. Pommerlis

    Oooowww! I downloaded this really quick! So happy with this! Thank you!

    • elleque

      You are most welcome! I am happy too that you like this 😀

  5. jadeite123

    In Poser version, an error occurs when reloading the saved scene.
    I found a file that seems to have a problem.

    – Flora Shoes.cr2
    (Line: 63) figureResFile :Runtime: …….. :spp2_flora_shoe.obj

    Is the correct file name “spp2_flora_shoe’s’.obj” ?
    After making such a fix, the load is successful.

    • elleque

      I’m sorry! And, Thank you very much!
      I modified the file, and reuploaded the data now!

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