Refitting Flora dress now

I got a new logo of Pranx today.

connydirkd gave me the text image. I used it on my new freebie website’s top image.

Now I am working on a refitting of the old clothes for Pranx 2. I thought that Pranx 2 needs the autumn clothes.

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  1. Ahhh sooo pretty! I like the new text logo, too

    • elleque

      Yes! It’s a really nice logo 😀
      The dress and new shoes will be completed soon.

  2. Inés Rodríguez Vega

    nice logo ^^
    and the dress looks great!

    • elleque

      Yes! It’s a nice logo!
      Now I am making the Daz Studio materials for the dress 😀

  3. Dani

    Sweet! This has always been one of my favorites! {{hugs}}

    • elleque

      Thanks! I forgot that I made this dress for a long time 😛 This dress is so old item.

  4. me again with the other email

    • elleque

      I Emailed to your Gmail now 🙂
      If you couldn’t receive it, tell me it by Rederosity’s site-mail.

  5. Hi Elleque , can you write by the Logo ? So the people know where they find me, Tanks

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