Today is rainy and the air temperature fell a little. I am going to make a freebie for Pranx 2.

I could prepare Lola’s bathing suit before summer. Next time, I am going to make her skirt or dress. But, I must make more Pranx 2’s freebies. I remembered that old Pranx’s freebie was downloaded 200 or more as soon as I released it. And, some people made its poses or textures. But, there is seldom people who makes freebies for freebies these days. And now, the number of downloads of Pranx 2’s freebie doesn’t reach 50. Are there so few users of Poser 11? Pranx 2 moves also with Poser 9 or Poser 10 somehow. And, if you don’t use Poser any more, I hope that you try the Daz Studio edition. Or, did you get bored with such a Toon figure? I feel very sad.

One of Pranx 2’s clothes, it is Playing Card Suit. I imagined a march of the circus when I was making these clothes. So, I am making a marching band hat and snare dram.

Pranx's marching band

7 thoughts on “Marching Band”

  1. Thank you as always 🙂 I am trying to make more music instrument.

  2. love it!
    i will try to make some free textures for Pranx 😀

  3. Really? I am looking forward to getting it! Today I uploaded this freebie into Renderosity’s free stuff area.


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