I updated my freebie at Renderosity. But, I don’t know how to tell people about it.

One freebie by one creator is approved only once per 24 hours at Renderosity. I am a little irritated at it. Because it is hot here. I and my PC are weak at heat. We will be in summer hibernation soon. Then, I have to use this homepage again.

I was going to make clothes for Genesis 8 Mr. Woo. But, my poor PC couldn’t move him at all. I think probably Genesis will be more heavy figures when I got new PC. Then, I am pleased with a new free toon girl.

Lola is a free toon girl.

Toon Grrl Lola Bundle by Troglofauna

And, she got a new Male morph.

Lalo for Lola by Troglofauna

So, I added the male morph to my free clothes for her.

Action Actress Lola for Toon Grrl Lola

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  1. Ines Rodriguez Vega

    thank you…really nice of you to make clothes for her /him

    • elleque

      My pleasure 🙂 Thouhg these are not so smart as the clothes by Troglofauna, it will be good that the figure has many items.

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