Poser Table-Tennis / Gym

I was thinking about whether I should upload this for a long time. This isn’t a weight mapped figure. Poser 6 probably can load this. DAZ Stuio 3 also can load this as Poser contents. But, I can’t guarantee it.

Look first,

I created 50 point-lights for this building(interior) figure. I dislike the shadows on the wall in this image. And, “Light” surfaces of this block the lights. I had to make the value of Cutout Opacity of them smaller than 1. I forgot to set something up?

OK. The surfaces of the ceiling lights can be mesh lights by the material settings. I deleted the point lights, and changed the Luminance value of “Light” Surfaces to 500,000 W. One light is 500,000 W — This gym’s owner will go bankrupt soon. It will be a cause of the number of lightings aren’t enough for the space. This is my design flaw. But, how can I know the optimal wattage for the lightings? First of all, I heard that the reckoning of the amount of irradiations not be so simple.

Check the actual scale of my building in Poser. I modeled this building by a basketball court size in MODO. And, I reduced its scale before exporting the object file. I was mistaken in the converted quantity somehow.

I thought that I made a basketball court by 28-meter.

Should I reduce the building scale to 94 percent? I measured the another side length of the basketball court.

It is OK! I decided that i didn’t change the scale of this building. But, the goal scale looks too tall.

Let’s measure the goal ring width.

I should reduce the goal scale to 82 percent.

The height of the pole is still too high.

This pole’s height is posable. I did set the pole’s “Height” value to minus 213.

Why? It seems that the input value is also reduced to 82 percent. This is bad. I should remodel this goal figure.

Remodeled the Goal figure.

Set “-161” to “Height” value of the Goal pole.

Pauline is pretty tall. I cannot even touch the net.

Hold on, Get back to the former topic. I heard that a small gym uses about 20 lamps of 400-Watt. Bat, “Watt” isn’t a unit of brightness if my recognition is right. And, I supposed that 1500-luxs is required to illuminating the floor which is under 13-meters from a lamp.

Suppose that it needs 1500-luxs To illuminate a floor which is under 13 meters from a lamp. I multiplied 1500 by the square of 13. The result is 253,500 cd/m^2. But, it was still dark. The surface area of the lamp may be related. I created 50 surfaces much larger than 20 for Mesh Light. But, I think that most buildings adopt the long mercury lamp of double. That is, 20 lights may deserve 40 light sources. And, their shapes are long. My building’s Light surfaces are small square. I tried to increasing the amount of light sources of one surface, set 500,000-cd/m^2 which is almost double of 253,500 as Luminance’s value of “Light” material. So, I didn’t find the exact way of calculation after all. Anyway, I thought it will be not so strange even if this value is 300,000 or more.

Still very Dark. Next, I look at Render Tub. I connected Gym.hdr which I made to the node of Environment Map. And, is the Environment map working? I changed the all Luminance value to zero, and check it.

I changed the value of Envrironment Intensity to 5.

And, I will change the FilmISO or F-number according to the location when I take a photograph. So, I set the F-number in Tone mapping to 2.8.

This is my simple toy cat, Chuck. He said “It’s OK!”. I hope so.

And, I created the fake lightings for 3Delight engine using a few spotrights. And, using omnifreaker’s UberEnvironment2 for the environment light. I tried to reduce the number of lights as much as possible. Because a scene rendering which has many light sources takes a lot of time.

I am pleased with this. But, this scene takes much time to make a rendering when I put a human figure on there. I put Chuck on there.

These lightings are dark for actors. Beginners will be bewildered at a pitch-black room if I didn’t make lightings. But, I predict that users will grow a lot of discontent even if I made a lighting set. Should I still include this set of lightings in my package?

And, I created a set of lights for DAZ Studio3. It is contained in Poser’s runtime. I try to use this light set in DAZ Studio.

This image looks gloomy.

And, this is a rendering image in DAZ Studio 3 using the same lights.

The floor in this image is bright. Both look completely different settings. This disgusted me. I ignore this case. Very tired.

Next image is a Firefly render. I made 50 point-lights and a IBL for it.

This looks too bright. The colors are disappearing from the image. I looked at my render settings. Firefly engine has 2.2 in gamma value on the default render settings. I don’t understand well about this as well as about a setting of lights. So, I thought it effective to use 2.2 of gamma correction in DAZ Studio. Has Poser’s engine further revised the gamma which was already corrected? I changed the value to 1.

The floor looks dark a little. But, the wall looks too bright. And, it became close to the color of a texture image which I made. And, this may be a cause of my wrong lightings. Human figures looks bad under the gamma 1.

Pauline! why are you making that face? I am fearful! It seems that the settings must be changed by where I focus.

And, a Superfly render.

Looks too bright. I couldn’t find the gamma value anywhere. So, I remembered an old version MODO. I searched the materials of this building figure, and connected a gamma node to the nodes which have an image map. Divided 1 by 2.2 and I get about 0.455. I did set the all image-map nodes of the figure with 0.455 value of gamma. Of course, this also may be a cause of my wrong lightings.

This floor looks flooded. I used 50 Point Lights and 8 Area Lights for this rendering. Now, Poser can also use mesh rights under Superfly engine.

The point lights lit the wall brighter. And, the mesh lights lit the floor brighter. I can’t understand. Rather, I like the result that used Mesh lights. And, I feel the Iray rendering was also better under the mesh lights than the many point lights.

The scene is still dark a little. It needs additional lights. I added one Area Light which is very large to the scene as an environment light.

This building figure has the props of thin curtain.

The indoor brightness didn’t change. But, the reflection on the floor decreased. I thought this is a good result on the whole.

Still slightly dark. Changed the value of Light’s Emission Strength. But, I don’t know the unit of Emission Strength. Though I read the reference manual of Poser, but I couldn’t find about it. It is written in the manual that “A value of 0 indicates no emission.” and “A value of 1 indicates full emission strength.” It seems that the value of Emission Strength is 0-1 normally. But, that node accepts more large value. The internal unit will exist, though. So, I don’t care about it because it isn’t specified anywhere.

And, Pauline. I didn’t do her textures’s gamma correction.

Sure enough, Pauline is a Superfly person.

And, the trouble is the work space is very dark under the mesh lights.

The status of DAZ Studio is the same.

I can use a camera’s Head Lamp temporarily in DAZ Studio, or can use other view such as Perspective view. But, Poser hasn’t such a lamp or view. Then, I added an IBL light to the Poser scene. Although IBL Light didn’t work under Superfly engine, it illuminated my work space. And, this Light doesn’t influence the Superfly rendering.

Now, Contents creators have to be conscious of four engines, Firefly, Superfly, 3Delight and Iray. So, I always remember it and am disgusted when I try to make something. I want to know more smart way.

Toon figure: Emoti Guy and EmotiSports Pack 1

The contents of “Table Tennis Set” for Daz Studio 4 are included. Poser and Daz Studio 3 require the related item.

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  1. Ines Rodriguez Vega

    wow! a lot of work here!
    light is not easy to set…i know…but i think you did a great work!

  2. Dani Foster Herring

    Thank you so much for the thought and care that you put into your figures. Take care. Dani

    • elleque

      You are most welcome 🙂
      I always think of usability for beginners. Because I am a beginner all the time 😀

  3. This’s wonderful, thank you!

  4. Cuteness!!! Thank you so much!

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