It is October, but I am not ready. Very busy now.

I was thinking to make a new clothing for Dawn. But, I didn’t confirm the difference in SE and SR2, yet. Then, I tried to make Aiko3’s clothing. I thought it is easy to make than Dawn’s clothes.

It appears that Poser8 on my Mac will not start anymore. So it is hard for me to make the clothes for the old figures. And, lately I is very forgetful. I don’t remember how I adjusted Aiko3’s clothing. Her breast breaks through the clothing whenever she moves her arm. I am unwilling to make many morphs. So, this work also may be stuck.

Although I can’t readily make it as I want, I barely made a strange cap for her.

Is this looks cute?

2 thoughts on “It is October.”

  1. Thanks 😀 😀 😀
    Now I am struggling hard to push her leg into the pants.


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