I uploaded a cartoon rabbit figure into Renderosity’s Free Stuff Area before several days ago.
And, I found some mistakes in that when I am working on the other figure. So, I updated the file.


Thank you for many comments. But I have deleted them by my mistake. I’m sorry.

And, I uploaded the other figure.

I fear that Poser software is lost. So, I wish the sale of Poser11 to improve. But, I knew some people tried to loading my rabbit in the other program.

The other program can load my rabbit. The programs are supporting the Weight-maps. Poser9, Poser10 and DAZ Studio4 are. But, all have the imperfect conditions of my rabbit.

All programs except Poser11 don’t support the Control-handle-prop. My rabbit has some of that in its head. This may be a little matter in DAZ Studio4 because all the bones can be seen in that program. But its material settings are completely different with Poser. And the Smooth translation didn’t work on each program.

I don’t understand whether the smooth transition is effective, though…
My rabbit can’t scratch its head.

Drag its arm while pressing ESC key.

The rabbit is able to stretch its limbs like a cartoon.

Pose9 and 10 have no big difference in the materials. And, my rabbit figure almost works well in Poser10.

Poser9 has some wrong status in it. The morphs don’t work. And some polygonal surfaces are distracted. Because it is a uni-mesh figure. If you want to correct this matter, edit the file “EQ_Dwarf.cr2” with a text editor. Search and replace skinType 3 to skyType 0 in that file. Probably the file has two of it.

8 thoughts on “EQ Dwarf was UPDATED!”

  1. Thanks 😀
    I may make DS edition of this someday. But, this is still only for Poser for the time being.


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