I had a headache for several weeks. Probably it was caused by a eyestrain.
My condition will not get well if I don’t keep away my PC. But that is impossible.
I need beta carotene. I am going to buy the carrots tomorrow. Everyday carrots!

I finished Pranx’s new jeans.
A process of check is indispensable. Today I found a problem on those knees, and modified it.

9 thoughts on “An additional Scampie Gift.”

  1. Hey! I was having a new commission done, for some work overalls, and learned that Pranx is missing a scaling zone in the right toe. The issue on the pants is fixed, I just wanted to tell you about it.

    The figure is missing the foot-to-toes scaling zone. As it shows in the image, it’s just not there, and this causes the distortion on the overall’s right foot.

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