I was going to make a referee’s chair and a score board for the table-tennis.
But the score board didn’t work well on DAZStudio and old Poser.
It works well on Poser9 or the above versions. I recognized that it is difficult to make the old figures on the latest Poser. I lost my motivation to the Poser work.

But, now it is October. I was back in the work.

I was going to make a small toy of black cat. But it gradually became a long-torsoed figure. I imagined a wooden doll.

And I got greedy. I wanted a little movable limbs to this. So, I was making a weight-mapped figure unawares ignoring my initial intention.

The weight-mapped figure has the merits. And it has many demerits for me. Poser’s bulge weight-maps have not compatibility with DAZStudio. They must be again edited with DAZStudio. At this rate this doll works only with the latest Poser.

I am losing a motivation again 🙁


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