Pauline has the tennis shoes from the first. But, Paul didn’t have the sports shoes. So, I tried to make the sports shoes for Paul.

I didn’t notice that there is no interchangeability in clothes of Pauline and Paul. So, I started making the shoes for Pauline.

I believed that Paul could wear them. But, their feet completely differed. I made the fits. But the uv map was probably distorted. I will be troubled when I make the textures of these shoes.

And I decided also to use these shoes for Pranx.

The weight-maps of Pauline’s shoes are still wrong. Needs more modifications. And it seems that Pauline needs the new wear.

6 thoughts on “Sports Shoes”

  1. Thanks 🙂
    I want to make more items for Pranx. But I am going to make the sports wear for Pauline before it.

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