The props’ scale

I decided to export the props with 40 percent. But I am still considering the size of gymnasium.

This gymnasium was a single floor building at first. I added the balcony later. I didn’t manage the height of second floor strictly.

Half size,


40 percent scale,


I did not assume a giant’s entry into a game.

And, Pauline looks cramped on the chair reduced with 40 percent.


But the half size chair is too tall with the table.


It is not beach volley ball. I thought Pauline has to put up with the small chair.

Play Ball!


Get back to the size of gymnasium,


The width of center circle is 4646mm(15.2ft) in the half sized gym. It’s nonstandard.

40 percent scale,


It’s about 12ft. That’s correct.

I should choose the 40 percent scale after all. But the revise of the figure props is troublesome. I reduced it to 80 percent in Poser. It is namely 40 percent from the original scale. Paul has to watch his head on the second floor.


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  1. Alisa

    It’s all looking good!!

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