Has Poser11 fused with PhilC’s PoserToolBox?
Measures – Poser11 has a new utility.

I usually made a furniture with practical size in my 3D program. I tried to make a table of Table-Tennis with the official dimensions. Exported the object as is. It’s a very large size with Poser Unit.

I exported the table object with half size for Poser.


Too large… Well, they are small man.
I measured their height.


I made Pranx on the supposition that his height is about 1m(3.3ft). It was almost accomplished. The table is the same height as Pranx. It’s too tall. It should be 760mm(2.5ft).

But this table is a suitable size for Paul.


Paul’s height is 2058mm(67.5ft)! But there may be a giant’s player. I heard Table-Tennis is a sport which doesn’t limit player’s height.

I exported the object with 40 percent.


It is still large. But it is too small for Paul.
I decided to use this size.