The House of May

I verified this set worked in Poser6 and DAZStudio2 on the old WindowsOS. But a set of lights which I made was bad for them. And the render results of Poser9 and Poser10 differed considerably under the same lighting. Thereby the version of Poser which this works is 10 or above.

If you try to use this with DAZStudio or the old Poser, I suggest that you’d better not to use the set of lights included in this package. I assume no responsibility for any case at any rate. Please make a decision whether you use my freebies at your own risk.

Poser 9
Poser 10

I made this for my friend’s birthday. So, I already carried the purpose out. I made the props too much, and gave up making the MATs for DAZStudio. But the materials of this are very simple. And also a set of lighting which I made is very simple. I believe you can improve this house more. My Gallery image at Renderosity is here;

The room has two TulipLights. I set up the point light into each TulipLights. Added an infinite light inserted from the window, and added an IBL as environment light. This IBL light will be ignored when you use Superfly of Poser11. Then I add an area light near the opened window instead of it. But you don’t need to imitate the same way. You may not like my liking. I hope you redecorate this house to a favorite.

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  1. Thank you, it’s lovely!

  2. Alisa

    Sweet – thanks, my friend!

  3. Cuteness!!! Thank you so much!

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