The test modeling of weight-mapped clothes

The latest Poser has a new render engine. I was perplexed by it.

I was going to make a set of lights for the House of May. But that set didn’t work with DAZStudio, and that is not good for “Superfly”. I felt the necessity to learn more.

Making of the clothes for new figures will be effective learning. I tried to make a clothing for Pauline. The ready figures were increased each time. But the clothes are not enough.

Pauline has many bones for her appearances. I have got fed up with DAZ figures because of their many morphs. Especially with the size of a female figure’s breasts. Pauline express it by two bones in her chest.


It seems that the clothes need morphs that follow with the transformations of bones after all.

The transcription of morphs may be convenient.


Well, I had known it by DAZStudio when I was making Dawn’s clothes. I tried to correct the weight-maps by Paintbrush. But it wasn’t useful so. I couldn’t repair the transformed buttons.

It isn’t easy after all 🙁

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  1. mininessie

    but you are doing so well…i can´t make clothes …don´t know how to do it,so for me you are doing great!!

    • elleque

      You can do it 😀 The latest DAZStudio and Poser support it.
      But it’s a very tiresome work.

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