Building a house 3

Made more props, Simple Table, Small Drawers and Tulip Light.
I like Tulips.

I finally could make a large prop. This is V4 size, too large for Pranx.

I bought many products. But I have hardly used them. Because I am not good for arranging the ready props. I tried use some of them this time.

I think this became more comfortable.
Too many items usually spoil a comfortable room. But I don’t feel relaxed at a bare room.

And, I bought this at Hivewier3D.

It will be nice to make a texture of this message card.

But the hyacinths are probably out of season in May. I searched a flower which is season in that month. Rose, Lily of the valley, Tulip… I have the Tulips!

This looks tight. It seems that they said “Please transplant us to a garden soon!” πŸ˜€

Probably I managed to get enough times to make an image for my friend. I’m sorry, this packaging is still later on. There are many adjustments left.

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  1. Alisa


    • elleque

      Hi Alisa, it’s been a while.
      Alisa and JC, Thanks for commenting πŸ™‚

  2. Charming little room. Very pleasant arrangement.

  3. mininessie

    i agree…i need to have the room with lot of little things to feel comfortable!
    your room looks lovely!

    • elleque

      Thanks mininessie πŸ™‚ I love the little things!

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