Building a house

It is a long time since I made my latest figure. My computer has got old. It doesn’t cope with a latest Poser.
And, I still need my old computer for my business. I may not have PoserPro as ever. I probably have lost interest in a weight-mapped figure. But, it’s not that I am no longer interested in the 3d work. Only I don’t have enough time to do it now.

I am trying to make an image from last month, for my May-born friend. I am at making a room prop again. I’m still not good for it.

This has some strange warps on the surface. Strange shadows appear here and there.

hom1I compromised with it. Well, I will use Photoshop last. My subject is on the other point.
This look lacks comfort 🙁

I put up a curtain over the window 😀

hom2Looks a cheap inn… 🙁

Arranged flowers in a vase 😀

hom3The flower vase looks like a major role 🙁

hom4Somewhat boring… 🙁

I hope the textures make this a luxury room.

As more important matter. Although my friend’s birthday comes next month, but I may hardly afford to work on this within this month 🙁

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  1. mininessie

    looks great!!

  2. Gisela

    This is very good.

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