Season’s Greetings from me.

I’m sorry, I didn’t visit your Galleries at Renderosity for a while. I am very busy. Still busy.

I almost forgot 3D programs. It’s been months so my modeling skill is getting rusty.

This doll’s joints are odd.  I forgot how to modify them. And this was not checked with Windows.


I’m sorry I will not still visit your gallery.

Happy Holidays!


9 thoughts on “Xmas 2015 Gift Rudolf”

  1. The reindeer is wonderful!! Thank you so much for him. He will go perfect with Santa and Pippin Basket. So excited to play with all of the new toys!!!

  2. AH thank you!! SO cute!! Merry Christmas~

    I have been getting things made for Pranx, via commission. I just had Chihiro’s from Spirited Away made. Love having things made for him/her! 😀

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