I forget to make a Poser-clothes easily. So, I decided to make a simple clothing for a practice.

I like rather making ladies’ wear. Because it can use the lovely resources. But the size of its breasts is troublesome. Then, i decided to make a clothing for Hiro 3.

It may be that I have to make a clothing for Genesis considering the status of my Poll. But I chose Hiro 3. A clothing of a weight-mapped figure is too heavy for a practice. And I have few ordinary clothes of Hiro 3.

Especially the winter clothes are required.

H3 Ordinary Clothing

It looks unfashionable somehow. I thought that probably that reason is the shoes. These are “Saddle Shoes” which I made long ago. A more smart dress shoe is needed.

4 thoughts on “An ordinary clothing for Hiro 3.”

  1. Very very nice!! And your new shoes in the other post are great for this!


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