A Vacant Smile

I am disappointed a little. Almost People were non-cooperative on my poll. O.K. I will make my work with my own device. I am going to delete the old programs of DAZStuido completely. I recently use only the Poser 10. But I still don’t have the Poser Pro. I still can hardly make a weight-mapped-figure.

It is a season of Halloween. Is calling Halloween a season strange? But the towns in October are already decorated with the orange pumpkins and the black cats and bats. I stopped the working of the new characters for A3 and H3 temporarily.

I tried to make a fashion item of V4 for my customers. But it was not attractive as I expected. Then I gave it up as usual. So, I had to prepare other plan. Then, I decided to make a simple figure like the year before last.

Well, the year before last, I could not make a pumpkin. Because it was difficult to dig the surfaces of a pumpkin. The contents of a Halloween pumpkin must be a hollow. I re-challenge it this time!

I was lazy at the 3d work for long. So, my slow work has degenerated greatly. The digging on the pumpkin’s surfaces is difficult as I expected. I don’t want too many polygons. But Jack has not consented to it. And, Jack is a familiar name of a pumpkin-man. Needs his own name. I cannot pack the nameless man up into a zip. My work is often interrupted because of a naming.

I hope that I can complete him this weekend. But I have no confidence in it.

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  1. Sharyn

    Your new character is so cute. I think your work is quite lovely.

    • elleque

      Thank you, Sharyn 🙂 I am making more textures for this now.

  2. Dani

    I think he is adorable! {{hugs}} Dani

  3. Alisa

    Oh, this is adorable!!!! Thank you 🙂

  4. trumarcar

    Thank you so much for the figure (and using my lanterns in your promo!). He is so cute!!

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