Reopening! But nothing changed.

This site came out from a short blank at last.

I had been lazy at 3d work for a while. My eyes are aging. I had very good eyesight. Although I still have a normal eyesight, but it is failing surely. I feel tired soon by the cause.

The site design is still imperfect. Then, the site may take a rest soon again. Now I am thinking it is meaningless to continue this site at this rate for me. And, probably I will hardly make a 3d work as a freebie from now on. I had forgotten to draw an illustration because I had been absorbed in the 3d works. It is important for my life to draw an illustration rather than a 3d work.

Making a 3d item as a Poser freebie needs a long time. I want to abandon the old versions of Poser and DAZStudio. And it’s time to look my old contents over again. I may delete too old items, or remodel it as a new one.

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