I am often thinking that probably I would like to draw a Manga. I don’t understand concretely what kind of details it has yet. Take it easy. I try to start with making of a character, a Manga-like character.

Although I tend to leave everything to chance, now I am interested in the making of a character with DAZ people.

One day, I am remodeling my M3 character, Stuart. I tried to make his face manlier.


But the manly hairstyle which I have didn’t fit his head at all.

img_nonfit_hairstylesLooks wig-like too much. Of course, these are wigs, though…

Cos I have got bored with him, I tried to use other figure. I thought of the textures of Mill3 figures are compatible.
I chose Hiro 3.

img_h3eekUgh 😯 !

Adding a few… quite a few modification. But, he is simply and solely Hiro3 with these points even if his face was changed very much.


Well, it will be hardly problematic because I am going to make him Ninja. Most of his face will be hidden with a clothing.

img_h3midThe image is H3 made to wear M3 clothing forcibly.

Oh, yes, a clothing, I don’t have almost H3 clothing.

4 strange clothes…

A few ordinary clothes…

H3CustomMidIt may be better to be much mysterious rather than the clear looks. The face has something insufficient. More deeper mustache and wrinkles may be needed to this face.

But, I chose Hiro 3. His face is easily changeable younger by reducing the value of his Realistic dial.
This texture may be able to use on Aiko3.
The items of A3 and H3 are compatible if I remember correctly.

img_a3eekIt looks like my face after working all night 🙁 …

The next task is A3’s face.


4 thoughts on “Making a “Manga” Character”

  1. These faces are wonderful. He looks like Keneau Reeves in the first picture!!! Beautiful work 🙂

  2. I stopped this work by the appearance of a new PPP:D
    I am getting confused at the Material Room 😕


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