New clothing for somebody W.I.P. 3

I don’t know well about a Goth-fashion. Recent it seems to have not a clear definition. I thought it may be a dress which looks like a dark antique doll.

But it is difficult to make an antique dress. Almost gothic clothing has a lot of decorations as far as I know. Probably, the lace-up boots are a typical item of that. It was very troublesome to make the lace.

I tried omission as much as possible. Because October goes quickly. I thought that a dark image of a Goth-fashion will be useful for Halloween.

Image A3 Goth WIP


So, this could not be called a Goth-fashion. Well, Aiko3 is still lovely 🙂

Need just one more effort, but I am reluctant to make the MATs for DS as usual. I am tired to repeat the similar work 🙁



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  1. Sharyn

    It’s a beautiful outfit! I love the laces on the boots.

    • elleque

      Sharyn, Thanks 🙂
      The making of the laces was troublesome to me. I tried to make V4 Fit of these boots. But I couldn’t make it because the lace breaks.
      I am going to upload this outfit after checking this with Windows 😀

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