New clothing for somebody W.I.P. 2

I completely forgot why I stopped this work. So, I had trouble that Aiko3’s foot overflows the boots flabbily.

I decided to squash Aiko3’s foot ugly in the boots.

You will have to fix her foot when she takes the boots off.

Image Ugly Feet

I feel that especially the body of Poser figure is not wrapped in the clothes obediently. Dawn is very well-mannered at that point 😀 Then I am profoundly interesting in the weight-map technology. But it is a problem that it limits a user. As you know, I still don’t have PoserPro, either.

Image Aiko3 GothBoots WIP

I still have to make the MATs of those boots for DS.


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  1. Sharyn

    They are quite beautiful.

    • elleque

      Thanks 🙂 I am starting to make a dress which matches with these boots.

  2. Childe of Fyre


    These are very cute boots. A tip for the end-user who downloads these (or any other high-heeled shoe or boot). The end-user can just select Aiko’s foot and toe parts and set them to be hidden or not visible, and then you do not have to worry about the model’s feet poking through the shoe.

    Thanks for making these and offering them as freebies – they are very cute, and that comes from a user who NEVER downloads high-heeled shoes or boots. =)

    • elleque

      Thank you for the advice 🙂
      “a user who NEVER downloads high-heeled shoes or boots.”
      Why??? 😯

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