I have wanted the untidy shirts for M4. But, I don’t know about free items for M4 well, since I was not eager for collecting them.

What would you do in that case? So, I tried to make it.

Image M4Summer WIP2-1
This looks dull and unfashionable.
I believed that the textures will change the look of this drastically.

Image M4Summer WIP2-2
It’s better than nothing.

Image M4Summer WIP2-3
It’s a quiet? I like the grayish colors.

Image M4Summer WIP2-4
I hope you think this is not too bad. I like this a little.

I have a simple question.
Almost people of my country are thinking that is smart to adding the English words on the design. But we will feel that is dowdy if it is a word of our native language.
Do people in the English-speaking world feel it the same? For example, if your shirt has a word “Splash!” on its chest, How do you feel? I think that you would think it as one scene of a comic book. But, usually the people of my country are thinking that is a sporty or elegant one.

These clothes will be late for this summer season. The body morphs of M4 have not been made yet.

I pulled the sleeve of the T-shirt, and made a long-sleeved shirt for the autumn.

Image M4 Henley Neckline Shirt



11 thoughts on “The swimming trunks for M4 W.I.P. 2”

  1. Alisa, Thanks 😀
    I have to start thinking for a Halloween freebie from now on because of my slow work. Thus I may postpone this work.

  2. This is a really nice outfit, like the summer set you made for M3. I especially like the yellow and black texture.

    Re: words on shirts for young men, most of what I see in the US are sport-related, like teams or colleges.

  3. This looks great, elleque.
    People here have all kinds of things printed on their shirts: sports teams, their favorite music band/singer or even just fun words like “hug your pet”.

  4. “Hug your pet” Very interesting 😀
    Though it isn’t related in summer, but I may try to use it someday.

  5. Oh, I missed your question. Yes, I have a lot of shirts with writing on them.

    I want it to be something nice and not something mean or insulting, of course 🙂

    When you have writing on your shirt, people often talk to you about it or laugh or smile, which can be fun!

  6. Alissa, Thanks 🙂
    “I want it to be something nice and not something mean or insulting” Is it slang? It will be an assertion of an uncompromising attitude or a Joke. There are such designs plentifully also in my country 😀
    I would like to know it on your shirt.

    I am hurrying to finishing of the shirt and pants. Before this summer end.
    I shelve the finish of the necklace this time.

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