The 3rd Dish W.I.P.

The Napolitana is a pasta recipe which’s sauce using tomato ketchup. It is an easy cooking which does not need the time and effort to make the sauce.

And, the Napolitana is not a Neapolitan food. It is only one-sided imagination of Japanese people about Italy.
But I like this cheap recipe. Its taste goes well with a bacon and green pepper.
Image Pasta WIP 1

I wanted one more style of this prop. Then, my supper was spaghetti for 2 days.

I’m ashamed to say it, I have burned the onion slices.
And I forgot to take those spoiled ingredients off from the pasta before taking this photo. Sorry, this picture is somewhat dirty.

Image Pasta 2

I think now a tiny table and chairs are needed for Pippin.

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  1. Dani

    Yummy. Those of us in the States with small children usually call this s’ghetti. *smile*

    I think a tiny table and chairs would be lovely.

    • elleque

      That child’s word sounds nice! I am attracted very much to that 😀
      But I don’t know whether using “apostrophe” is suitable for a filename of Poser and DS.
      I often saw the directories have such naming, though. But if my memory is right, a filename with Old WindowsOS refuses the quotation marks.

  2. Dani

    You don’t actually need the apostrophe, I’m just a stickler (or try to be) for correct spelling, punctuation, etc., because I’m a homeschooling mom to my four sons.

    • elleque

      Ha-ha 😀 yes, showing a wrong spelling has an wrong effect for an education.
      You have too many sons. It seems to be a lively house. My cousin everyday has a lot of trouble with the care of her two sons 😀

  3. mininessie


  4. mininessie

    me too!! 😀

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