The 2nd Dish W.I.P. 2

I stopped to uploading the omelet props.
Now I am making a fork for the French Toast props. I thought, is it necessary to make the different materials for a spoon and a fork?
You would like to arrange the table wares in the same color.

I arranged some toon props on the plate of toon French toast.
It doesn’t look so toon like?

Image 2nd dish WIP2

And I drew some designs for the plate.
Omelet and Toast, both use the same object of the plate. So, those plates can use the same design.

Image Dish designs

I included the foods in one figure plate. Making a plate as a figure is needed to prevent a Poser accident. Trumarcar taught it to me before. If I prepare two or more MAT poses for the smart props, a figure must certainly be loaded on the Poser stage in advance. I keep it in mind.

So, I am thinking now, when I make 2 dishes as a different package, in which should the plate object and the materials of the table wares be included? I have to warn that a plate is loaded before the foods if I divided the table wares from the foods.

Somehow I have a nervous temperament. Thus I often worry about dull matter.


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  1. I love the design on the plates! The baby silverware is sooo cute

    • elleque

      I am very glad that you like them πŸ™‚ I am making more design now.

  2. I’m excited, I’m sure they’re going to be cute!

  3. Dani

    Love it, too!!!

  4. Dani

    I just noticed that the French Toast sort of looks like a grilled cheese sandwich, too…very nice!

    • elleque

      I like a cheese πŸ˜€ Grilled cheese sandwiches are good for breakfast, too πŸ˜€

  5. Alisa

    These are all pretty – you are making me hungry!


    • elleque

      Still wait. There is no table to arrange a dish, yet πŸ˜€

  6. mininessie

    aww—love it!!!

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