Mary Jane for Pippin Basket

Pippin’s new shoes were completed. I will upload this package soon to FreeStuffArea of Renderosity. Get the file from the place where you like.

I completely forgot that I didn’t divide the material groups of Pippin’s limbs. I had to make the conforming tights. Because I remember the shoes of this design in combination with tights.

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  1. Thank you, thats so wonderful shoes for pippin, and looks like so elegance*laugh*

    • elleque

      You are Welcome. I also hope the shoes make Pippin elegant 🙂

  2. ibr_remote

    So adorable cute !

  3. mininessie

    this is really precious..thanks you so much elleque…you are so generous!!!

  4. Alisa

    ooooh, these are precious – thanks so much, my friend!!

  5. thank you very much.

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