My computer broke.

I am a Mac user for many years. And I haven’t seen a hardware of a Mac was broken till now.

Perhaps it is a trouble of the graphics board. Even if I change the graphics board for a new one, it may be broken again. It didn’t get along with Photoshop from a beginning. So, I was using Photoshop for a long time on that day as well. Now, I had no choice but to buy new one.

The appointed date of delivery of a iMac was delayed for some reason. It was out of stock anywhere. My new computer was delivered after two weeks or more. But it wasn’t a great problem.

Unfortunately, it is the latest OS. I loved the old OS (Snow Leopard). It let every old and new software work. But almost pieces of old software didn’t work with the new OS 😯 I should have bought used computer, but I don’t like used goods.

The trouble is that Poser6 doesn’t work on the new OS. My translation software doesn’t work, too. So please forgive that my words are pretty strange. What’s more, installation of Windows Vista isn’t possible in Bootcamp of new MacOS. Still more, I am not checking my 3D software well, yet. Though its installation was possible, but it doesn’t support the new OS in a report of the maker.

I shuddered just to think about the cost of the unusable software which I spent. Fortunately, Adobe Photoshop CS5.5 seems to work with the new OS. That’s why I get confused a little now. phew… 😑


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  1. Dani

    Oh, you poor thing! I hope you get everything worked out without too much trouble. {{hugs}} Dani

  2. Dang I had no idea Lion was this bad πŸ™ I hope you get things back to normal soon. I’m really shocked that Vista doesn’t work with bootcamp. What about parallels?

    • elleque

      Dani and Mel, Thank you for worrying about me.
      Mel, you know well about Mac. I installed Vista, using a virtual-machine Software similar to Parallels. I installed some packages of software. But I haven’t checked enough yet whether they work normally. I think it will be probably very little hope πŸ™
      Though I may can use some software with MacOS10.7 of a virtual machine, but I am tired now.

  3. Interesting. I don’t have experiance with Vista, I use Parallels. I hope you figure it out!

  4. barb

    oh, no!
    I hope you can figure out how to get things to work. I understand what it is like to have old programs not work.


    • elleque

      Yes, the newest MacOS doesn’t accept the old programs.
      Although some programs are working, but I don’t know yet whether they keep on working normally.

      Anyhow now I will try to make a small thing.
      Fortunately I have complete back ups of my files. But, I worry that I may be not able to check enough the file by various versions of Poser and DS.

      Mel, I use Fusion5 to running WindowsVista on MacOS.

  5. Alisa

    Oh, dear, that’s a shame! I’ve never used a Mac except a tiny bit while working at a University many years ago. I hope you can get everything working well, elleque *Hugs*

    • elleque

      Alisa, Thanks for worrying.
      Although the new OS is smart, it isn’t powerful in the least because I don’t have a native program for it.
      A problem child, Adobe Photoshop, is working good.

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