I am sorry. I have not time to make a freebie of Pranx for the Christmas. I prepared a simple thing.  Mostly such a thing doesn’t take effort than the making of clothes.

My chair freebies are popular among my other freebies. I don’t know why people like chairs.

The couch size is fit for V4’s hips 😀
Adjust the Scale dial when you use this with a small figure. The handle and the cover must be adjusted in the scale same as the couch, too.

Image V4 Couch

V4 character: Barllecorn for Aiko 4 by Thorne (DAZ Store)

Image Kiddy Couch

9 thoughts on “Kiddy Couch”

  1. This is a perfect little chair for everyone, but especially Pippin Basket.

    I know it is a long time since Christmas, however I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!!

  2. Very nice. The ear-handles are a clever feature I would like seeing on a real item for kids. (Actually for grown-ups, too, maybe on the back so they were less visible. It’s nice not to have to bend over to move something like this.)


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