New clothing for somebody W.I.P.

I who is an incorrigible person am making M3 clothing again. And I dislike that  joints of the side and hip after all. The result looks unrefined.

His figure looks unstylish in the clothes.

I thought that boots may probably change the look. So I started thinking about the Boots for men. But, meanwhile, I started to make boots for Aiko3.

Dynamic Waloli Dress Aiko 3 by FyreSpiryt at Rendersity FreeStuffArea


My interest moves to a different course rapidly. It is my usual way. The things which I should make aren’t them. So, I was on some kind of working. It is something for Pranx. What on earth will I want to do?

I saw a real cutie. A niece was born in this summer. Everything which I imagine now isn’t cute than her.


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  1. A baby morph for Pranx would be adorable 🙂

    • elleque

      Unfortunately, Pranx must be a Genesis figure of DAZStudio for that. A problem occurs for the clothes when I change the center points of each joints. So, I can’t make clothes with that status for Poser. And I know nothing about Genesis figures at all.

      This is still a secret(?):D… I may show you a different thing about a baby figure in the near future.

  2. Oh that makes sense, I’m not good with D|S, but I know it’s basically the same problem with the K4 toddler and Poser.

    I would love to see! 😀

    • elleque

      Yes, I am disappointed about K4 limbs. Though I love K4’s face, but I can never like her long arms.
      And I use Poser9, and I don’t have PoserPro2012. DAZ distributed a program that Genesis’ figures are available in Poser9 and PoserPro2012. And it needs the Service Pack 3 of each Poser. But I can’t still try it because the updater of Poser is apt to be delayed in my country.

  3. Dani

    Oh, now you have me very curious!!! Please share as soon as you can.

    The toddler morph for K4 works almost perfectly in PoserPro 2012. The only thing you have to do is correct the scaling on the arms/shoulders and that is not due to any problem with Poser rather a problem with the mesh.

  4. I used the toddler for the first time! Thanks for the help Dani!!

    And I’m sorry you won’t have PP2012 there for awhile, Elleque.

    • elleque

      Yes, I am not finding value to spend money on it, yet.
      I must upgrade my 3D softwares than it. I am interested in it a little, though…

  5. I understand the spending thought. I got mine as a gift, so I can honestly say that I’d have to truely think about it before spending so much on a program.

  6. I still use Poser 7 🙂

    I have Poser 8, however have not learned it.

    I really think Pranx is the most beautiful and so easy to use!!!

    I have always wanted a baby Pranx because the face is the best ever. I like little baby outfits and that is why I would like a baby Pranx. So sweet!!!!

    Elleque, I love your outfits above. I have tried dynamics a few times, however I am not very good. I definitely want to try this dress!!!

    Your work is just wonderful.


    • elleque

      I still mostly use P7, too. I don’t like P8 and P9 very much.
      Baby Pranx must be a new figure. I don’t know a way except it. And the making of a new figure takes time very much.

  7. mininessie

    wow!!! fantastic!

    • elleque

      Thank you, but the making of this item was stopped. I failed in the modeling of this. I must remake it from a beginning.

  8. I’m having trouble with Pranx’s right thumb. I cannot pose thumb 2. When I try, it breaks the thumb. This happens when I have thumb 1 and 3 zeroed too. The only way to fix it is to zero the entire thumb. Its almost like thumb 1 and 2 are weilded together.

    Here is a screenshot. I have all three parts of the thumb posed at a bend of 5 degrees, just to show my character is crouched down, kind of like Inuyasha. lol

    right thumb: right-thumb.jpg
    and the left. left-thumb.jpg

    I have no problems with the rest of his fingers or his left thumb,
    I also noticed that both hands don’t have a bend dial for thumb 1. Is that normal?
    I know you’re busy and I know you might not be able to help quickly!

    • elleque

      Mel, Perhaps your problem isn’t own matter of Pranx. I hope so 😀
      I sent an Email to your Email address.
      Give me a comment again here if the Email doesn’t arrive immediately to you.

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