A Tiny Great Guy W.I.P. 3

Perhaps most people visiting here aren’t interested in such a wild guy figure.
I was stopping a work that make this man a sage of the ancient Greek.

I found difficulty by the making of an ancient bathtub. It is caused by material of the water.

I was satisfied in Poser materials. I believed that DAZStudio also can express it. Because DAZStudio has a node of Refraction, too.

I tried all sorts of things by my thought, but it didn’t show refraction status at all.
I may give up the DAZStudio MATs for this 🙁

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  1. Hello! I love your tiny great man in the tub! Please share the settings that you used in Poser to create that realistic looking refraction of the water! I also want to take this opportunity to thank you for the freebies on your web site. I am recovering from an ongoing battle with breast cancer and thus, am suffering financially… so, your free items are much appreciated! I am grateful to have found your web site today!

    • elleque

      Of course, I intend to make this as a freebie. But I can’t prepare of this because I am busy now. Please wait for a while.

  2. Mary

    I really love the Dwarvez by Sixus and purchased it. I am very much interested in characters like a Greek sage and love the ancient bathtub! You are so creative! I love your work!

    • elleque

      Thank you for commenting 🙂
      I love this figure, too.

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