Asian Luxuries W.I.P.

I am still in the middle of the making of Pranx Pixy. But I fall into my bad habit again. I want to make a chair so badly.

My ArtistInput at Renderosity is showing an odd result. The number of the downloads of Bar Stool exceeded 1000. It is approaching to the number of the downloads of my V4 clothing. But comments to it are few. And I found a Render image of it nowhere. I don’t expect anything to somebody about the making of a freebie. But, of course I am worried about its reputation. Though it was downloaded a lot, there is little comment. I wonder if it means that is poor item. I thought that the people won’t get my new chair anymore if they were getting tired of my old chair.

I don’t necessarily make a thing to be able to delight people. But also I don’t want to make a thing making somebody uncomfortable. Though in fact you got it voluntarily, and I am not blame for it. Still I am worried about it. Then I am making a new chair. So, I mind that reputation, but I don’t take that result seriously. It may be only an opportunity to an onset of my whim after all 😀

Let’s stop here the silly talk.

I tried to making this new chair rely on a vague recollection. The structure of the back rails are inaccurate. I am not a furniture designer, and I don’t understand whether such chair is enough for loading a person. Well, its durability is meaningless in a virtual world, isn’t it?


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  1. I didn’t know you made a stool. I must go get it. I think this is lovely. It’s hard to find furniture like this, I applaud you 🙂

    • elleque

      Yes, I thought that a chair having such showy back may be the interesting props 🙂
      I may make a accessories for this a little more.

  2. I hope this doesn’t double post, I’m having internet trouble.

    I saw a toy stuffed bunny pillowcase and it credits you as the creator. I can’t find it anywhere, is it still available? This is the link to the recolor I found:

    • elleque

      My approval is necessary when a comment includes a link URL.
      I am sorry. I missed a comment from Mel.
      It is my mistake that Mel’s comment became double post on July 5th.

  3. You’re welcome, I think it’ll be fun to play with.

    Is your Stuffed bunny pillow available? I saw some recolors for it and had never seen it before. I found out it was a Christmas giveaway a few years ago on Renderosity, but the links no longer work. Is it available anywhere?

  4. becky

    Ohhh my goodness this is nice!!!

    • elleque

      I am enjoying to making of this chair. And I am going to add some item a little more as the same series of this.

  5. Angel

    This is lovely work. As for your other stool prop, I don’t have it, but I know a lot of people download things thinking it will be useful and then it takes a while to find the right image to put it in. It can take me years to get around to using something, but when I finally get that a-ha! moment from finding the perfect prop in my runtime, it’s a wonderful thing.

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