I made a quickie dress for my customers.
It wasn’t a very impressive looks.

But, What do you think of this? I added the textures to the dress from Nirvy’s Sewing Basket 2. And a cute character wore it.

I didn’t check it with Windows, yet. Probably, I will upload this in this weekend.
If you like this, read here; To the legitimate owners

Deck Shoes for M4 and Sadie are waiting for a check with Windows, too. The shoes will be the general freebies. Probably, those uploads also will be this weekend.


6 thoughts on “Wide Collar Dress W.I.P. part 2”

  1. Thanks, Dani 🙂
    I was slightly uneasy until I added the texture on the dress. Because a simple form changes much by a texture and a color 😀

  2. Thank you so much for the lovely dress! Great work with the detailed textures, they are so cute! I also love your beautiful image with my girl! Thank you again!

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