Have I kept you waiting?
The basic package of Pranx Pixy was finally completed 😀

I already uploaded the file to the category of Outfit Package. Next I start the work for Make-ups of 4 elements.

Only Pranx owners can get this. Please read here; To the legitimate owners
Ask me by Renderosity site-mail to “elleque” about your password without reserve if you forgot it.

Wings_White, Top and a hair ornament aren’t using a texture map for their diffuse color. Set a color you like to them in your material room (DAZStudio: Surfaces Tab).

19 thoughts on “Pixy! for Scampixie Pranx”

  1. Mel, Dani, It is I who should say thank you. Your comments led this to the completion 🙂

  2. Mel, Those are encouraging-words! Thank you 😀
    trumarcar, You made cute items more a lot. Your work often got me started on working 😀

  3. Oh, elleque, she’s just lovely!! Thanks so much 🙂

    And you and Trumarcar did such a great job on Pranx!!

    Also sending hugs!

  4. Hi, Alisa, I have a plan to make this add-on a little more. But I am hoping that trumarcar makes something for this 😀

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