Suddenly, I made up my mind to make the shoes.

I like shoes, but there are few shoes suitable for my unshapely feet. Thus I like letting a figure wear shoes.

I have a lot of shoes for V4, but don’t have shoes for M4 very much. I bought a character of young man for M4. Then I need the casual shoes.

These shoes became slightly low polygonal models because I made them in one day. The shoelaces don’t fit inside of the hem of pants. You need to adjust the hem of pants. But I believe even such shoes to be useful as a fashion item. And I made the refits of them for V4 and Pranx.

Of course, these shoes will become a freebie for my customer 😀

I tried to make a refit of them for Sadie. But I failed with her feet after all. An odd rip was found between the parts of her foot and toe. I don’t know whether I can modify it. If I can, Sadie’s shoes will be a freebie to the public.

Anyhow I can’t distribute these shoes to you, because these don’t have the body morphs and textures, yet.



7 thoughts on “Deck Shoes W.I.P.”

  1. I’m so happy to see more for Michael! He needs attention. 🙂 Those will be used very much when you release them, I love the way they look on Pranx! 😀

  2. I am not still making DAZStudio MATs of them.
    But I hope to upload these within this month 🙂

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