Stuart for Michael 3

This is a set of a new character for DAZ Michael 3. All textures were made with hand-painting by me. I thought the character looks like a manager (steward) because it is growing a mustache. I named the character “Stuart”.

The package isn’t a perfect thing. But I want to be no longer working on this. Please turn a blind eye to the bad point of this.

This package wasn’t tested on Windows OS. But, I think there is probably no problem. I am anxious about DAZStudio use if anything because I don’t have an environment only for DAZStudio.

for Poser use;
The Subsurface Scattering option of Poser 9 is required for use of MAT_P9_SSS. Don’t forget to check on the option of “Subsurface Scattering” in the manual settings of Poser Render setting panel.

for DAZStudio use;
Use of MAT_DS_EHSS requires Elite Human Surface Shader with DAZStudio2 and DAZStudio3. It may not be required with DAZStudio 4. Sorry for I don’t have enough knowledge about it.

And, this requires M3 Head Morphs (Michael 3.0 Head & Body Morphs).

Elite Human Surface Shader by omnifreaker
Michael 3.0 Head & Body Morphs

I dislike 3rd generation’s shoulders. Their shoulders swell out to outsides when their shoulders bent. I usually push them with magnets (D-Form).

Poser: About the magnets to adjust M3’s shoulders.

At first, Add “M3_ShldrMag_L (or M3_ShldrMag_R)” from the Props library to M3. And add them to clothes which M3 is wearing.

They may be useless depending on a pose of the figure. Then, you can use “ShldrMagSettings” from the Pose library. Those poses don’t delete the set of shoulder magnets. They only change the value of the shoulder magnets.

DAZStudio: About the D-Form to adjust M3’s shoulders.

At first, Add “M3_ShldrMag_L (or M3_ShldrMag_R)” from the Props library to only M3.  You don’t need to add them to clothes with DAZStudio. Clothes which the figure is wearing will inherit D-Form of the figure.

They may be useless depending on a pose of the figure. DAZStudio has a control panel of D-Form.
Show the panel “View menu > Tabs > D-Form”. You will find the D-Forms in M3’s Collars. Select M3’s lCollar (or rCollar). Click the button “Remove All from Node(s)”. The D-Forms becomes invalid, but they aren’t deleted.

When you need to set the D-Forms again, Select M3’s lCollar (or rCollar), and Click the button “Add Node(s)”.

Select the D-Formers Mag6-4 in the case of the lCollar. (Choose Mag 3-1 in the case of rCollar.) Click the button “Accept”, and the value of the D-Forms becomes effective again.

Those magnets (D-Forms) are useless if you don’t mind the difference of this result.

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  1. Great ! Thank you.

  2. He’s sexy ^_^ Thank you for sharing him!

  3. Alisa

    He looks wonderful – thanks πŸ™‚

    • elleque

      Thanks, Alisa. I tried this for the first time. This was very difficult work to me.

  4. marianner

    That’s a pretty boy! Thanks for the magnets also, his shoulders look much better.

  5. Sharyn

    He’s beautiful! Thank you so much for him.

    • elleque

      Thank you for nice comment.
      I may make clothes for M3 a little more because the number of this downloads increased recently.

  6. Gisela

    Thank you <3

  7. mininessie

    i missed this one..he is really charming!

    • elleque

      Thnaks for commenting πŸ™‚
      Although I was going to upgrade this, but I have stopped it somehow.

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