V4 Simple Shawl

JaneEden released a set of lovely backgrounds. I used that part for this. I upload this as a freebie to the public because she was pleased with this.

I am always enjoying her images and stories.
Watch her gallery at Renderosity: JaneEden’s Gallery at Renderosity

The shawl was made as the conforming clothes. But it won’t conform well when you twist v4’s arms much. Move the arms and the shoulders of the shawl after applied a pose to V4. The similar adjustment is necessary with DAZStudio, too.

And the shawl figure for Poser has a parameter of slight transparency from the first. It is measure for Poser 6. A clothing figure disappeared when transparency map was applied to it with Poser 6. I was often startled by that. The MATs that I made don’t have a parameter of transparency. But I thought that you may make it in future.

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  1. Thank you so much! 🙂

  2. bellie

    thankyou, was looking for this 🙂

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