A shawl or a scarf as a dynamic-cloth will be attractive.  But I am making it as the conforming clothes as ever.

I intended to make a jacket, but I rambled a little apart from a subject. And my vice is every time trying to make anything as the conforming clothes.

It is pleasant to think about a design of the shawl (scarf).  I made a render of Diamond (Littlefox/RuntimeDNA) for a design of the texture.  I retouched the Render of Diamond with Photoshop.

I spread a UV map of the shawl in a square.

I don’t understand whether this is convenient.
But I believe that this is better than a hard time to hanging a dynamic-cloth on V4’s shoulders.


8 thoughts on “Simple for V4 W.I.P. 3”

  1. Thank you for visiting.
    Though “Simple for V4” is a gift for my customers. But I will make only this shawl as a freebie for the public. Visit this website or my “Artist Input” at Renderosity later for a while.

  2. I can never say enough thank you’s to to all the great 3d Vr designers. Elleque you are truly gifted. Any chances you’ll be doing some stuff for the Toon Generations. Love your stuff

  3. Thank you, Ron.
    I’m sorry, but I don’t have Toon Generations, yet, and don’t have a plan of getting it.
    I will remember that I got the request. But I am not interested in it now.

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