I am making a overall for Sam and Pranx.
It used the top form of Loosey Dress which I am making now. I designed it to be able to wear it without a shirt.
But, a shirt may be necessary on a little chilly day.

I installed DS4. New DS seems to have many exclusive use of the figures and functions.
And the conventional contents seem to have not problem.

But there is a new problem to me.

I usually dislike to look back upon my old work very much. Because the old works have many wrongs. I like to make a new thing than the modifying old work. I wasn’t going to readily modify the works by such my laziness.

But a visitor informed it to me here, my old works wrong with Poser 8. Nathan said, it will be restored by “restore figure” of Poser’s command. Thanks, Nathan.
I intended to depend on that method all the way. I already know that cause, though.

So, I must modify it now. Now, shirt is required for Sam.
I decided to add a Morph of Sam to a shirt of Good Cook Girl for Sadie. And I decided incidentally to make a re-fitting of the Good Cook Girl Shoes for Pranx. I like those items.

Making is easy, but Packaging will take much time.
I must re-compress the correction files at first. Modified contents must be specified somewhere. And next time, I must do something for the files at FreeStuffArea of Renderosity. My head becomes sleepy when I think about an intricate matter.

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  1. I hope they still work with Poser7!? I don’t think I’ll install the 8, I’m finding it hard to learn all the new and complicating stuff they put into the new versions. :))
    Love your work, as I said before. Keep it up, they are very good quality!!!

    • elleque

      No problem. My freebies were made with Poser 6 and 7 🙂

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